Ankara Beauty

Ankara Beauty Box (includes shipping)

Ankara Beauty Box (includes shipping)
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You can preorder our 7th edition Ankara Beauty Box. This Ankara Beauty Box will include treasures from my upcoming travels to Ghana!!

Boxes are scheduled to be shipped the week of March 11, 2024

Each box features natural beauty products and accessories from women owned cooperatives and solo women entrepreneurs in Africa, along with handcrafted items from artisans. Think of the beauty products included in the box as a DIY beauty box. You can mix up your own recipes or use the products as full strength. Included in each box is 100% unrefined shea butter from Ghana, Rose water from Morocco and Argan oil from Morocco. There are other specially curated items that vary from tshirts, jewelry, African bath nets, custom spa headband, facial clay mask, and soap.

The exact contents of each box are a surprise ,and colors of accessories vary. The box is amazing, you’re just going to have to trust us on this one! Order the box!

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of the Ankara Beauty Box will help with providing school supplies for children in Ghana, contribute to the building of a school for the Shea Queens children, as well as the production of the documentary “The Business Of Shea”™️.

Boxes are limited. Please note that due to the donations we make based on purchases, all sales are final.

Order your box based on your shirt size. Surprise, there’s a shirt in the box.